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Often while relocating from one place to another, people sell off most of their things; because, even though there are things that they would like to take along with them, it is not always easy to ship them from one place to another. But not anymore! In case you are planning to shift to a new place; you can also take your personnel belong to you, using professional international shipping services. Cars are one of the most widely shipped items for international shipping, common between people transferring due to service requirements. To help those people manage their belongings in overseas shifting has developed the highly competitive and private industry of international car shipping, which specializes in shipping cars from one country to another by water, by road or by air. This kind of International Car Shipping usually takes place on well established sea routes with the help of ships specially designed for these purposes only.


Top Rated Auto Transport Companies

Sometimes, you cannot avoid the need that you might have when it comes to shipping a car. You might need to transfer states or move to another country. Taking your car with you is one of the most practical things that you can do because you can be sure that you will have safe form of transportation when you get there. This is especially convenient when it comes to international shipping because you will easily get your car through the port since the paperwork will all be handled by the company.

All personal belongings must be removed (standard vehicle items such as the jack and spare tire are fine)


All alarm systems must be disconnected, disabled, or turned off.

In the unlikely event that there is any damage before delivery, you or your designated representative must note it, on the Bill of Lading/Transport Contract - containing delivery inspection report. This complaint must be done before the driver leaves the destination, as the complaint must be recorded on driver papers. The Bill of Landing paper, it is also your receipt, showing your vehicle conditions at origin and destination. You address your transportation complaints directly to the transport carrier at their address from the Bill of Lading. You cannot complain for scratches, dents, damages, etc. discovered after the driver left your premises.

Take into account when picking the best carrier to look for ratings. It should genuinely come down to who have the best name and whom you really feel most comfortable. Along with price, popularity should function as the most important part. Of course you want the lowest value but think about what good could be the lowest price be, if you arent insured that your vehicle will be taken care of and not sold to some criminals overseas. This has happened before so, choose your companies wisely, by using household names and not smaller companies.

There must be someone present to accept the vehicle, provide keys and sign an inspection report. This person can be anyone over the age of 18.


Advice the transporter of any modifications made to your vehicle.