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This is something that will allow you to sleep soundly at night as your car while it is transported and this is through a tracking device. Now, car shippers are able to install tracking gadgets on these automobiles in order to allow their customers to easily know the progress of their car. This is a unique state of the art technology that can put the customer at ease when it comes to shipping that is very valuable to them.


Shipping My Car

The next but most important step is finding about the auto transport insurance and license offered by your company. Having a car shipping insurance secures you against the risks associated while shipping your car from one place to another. With proper insurance and license you can guarantee your cars safety.

If youre moving, you could have your car transported with your household goods. Even if you dont, ask the mover for an auto car transport company referral. Sometimes you can even get a discount off a car transport quote from an auto transport service thats preferred by your moving company.


Secure the motorcycle battery and protect your battery cables from causing an electrical short. Do not overfill your vehicles fluids and be sure that no fluids are leaking before shipping.

Make sure you receive an inspection report, bill of lading, from the auto transporter, which shows pick-up and delivery information, current mileage of the vehicle, and MOST IMPORTANTLY shows the condition of your car at time of pick-up. Nationwide Auto Transport provides a bill of lading that will show the condition of the vehicle when it is picked up. This document must be signed by the driver of the auto transporter and the owner (or an authorized agent of the owner) of the vehicle before the vehicle starts its car transport journey.

Before looking for auto shipping quotes, decide on your preferred shipping method. You can either go with the container option, which is more expensive but safer. This is because your car will be locked in a secure container. The other option is to have your car transported on the deck of the ship, which is the cheaper way to go, but it has more potential for problems.

It is recommended that motorcycles, ATVs, and Golf carts be transported on an enclosed carrier. Some open carriers, with the right equipment, will haul these types of vehicles, but they are subject to weather and road conditions.


You should disable or shut off your vehicles alarm before you pack it for the move. If you forget to do o and the alarm goes off during the transport, the transport company may find it difficult to turn it off.