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Make sure to dial the auto transporter‘s telephone number found on the company‘s website and talk to your customer service rep in person. If your calls are left unanswered, or you cannot get straight answers on shipping and arrival dates, transit times, specific requirements for shipping a vehicle overseas, you should probably look for another car shipping company.


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Make sure your car is adequately insured by the car mover for relocation. Upon pick-up, the driver will do a condition report (bill of lading) for any scratches or damages on the vehicle which should be signed by both parties. The same will occur upon delivery make sure you check vehicle before signing. Reporting any damages or claims at a later time is not advisable.

If your vehicle is difficult to start, let the driver know. You don‘t want to be charged extra money if the driver has a problem loading or unloading your automobile. Leave a note, or document your instructions on the bill of lading.


Free quotes are offered for a reason and you need to be smart and get as many of them as you can. The quotes will let you be sure you stick to your budget and that you hire a company that will get your vehicle to the new place safely for a fair price for everyone.

You need to complete the required documentation process. The costs include duty fees, administrative fees, value added tax and more. The owner must ensure that he has paid all the taxes considering the vehicles shipping. The documents must be clear and perfect so as to avoid any further delays. Mention from and to places in the document so as to avoid any confusion.

To make sure that your requirement for car shipping will not result to damages on your part, you have to prepare ahead of time in choosing for the right auto transport company, and also follow the things you need to do as a consumer. Again, do not just depend on the auto transport company to do all the things that need to be done for as a consumer, you also have the obligations as well.

The best thing to do first is to compare as many car haulers rates in the internet as possible. But then again, rate is not the end-all of your decision, but the beginning of your selection. The affordable the car haulers rates the company could offer you, the better it is. For that reason, it is very sensible to compare these car haulers rates to choose for the company with the most economical rates on their transportation services. But then again, rate is not the only consideration for you also need to consider the quality services they have.


Upon delivery, make sure that a friend or family member is there to get your car if you cant do it yourself. The driver will ask that a Bill of Lading will be signed and the final payment be made. Signing off the Bill of Lading means you are satisfied with the service, so make sure that whoever receives the car has checked whether the car is in perfect condition.