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If you want to start off with the right foot in searching for a good auto shipping company then it would be best that you start by requesting for quotations from different companies. Just like any other type of service, the auto transport industry also provides their auto transport quotes to their customers for free.


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The Condition Report is a part of the Bill of Lading. The Condition Report documents the condition of your vehicle at the time the Driver takes custody of it. Before the Driver loads your vehicle, he will fill out a Condition Report that will note the condition of the vehicle at the time he receives it. The Shipper or authorized agent will need to verify the notations made and sign that you are in agreement with them. The Shipper should receive a copy of this Condition Report before the vehicle leaves the point of origin. Claims of damage at destination will be based on the condition of your vehicle, as reported, before it was transported.

There are different shipping methods that customers can choose from when shipping cars. These include open (partial or full) and closed shipping. Each one has its own set of advantages and limitations depending on the type, model and number of vehicles that will be moved. Car owners should consider these options carefully and choose the one that fits their needs best. They should also discuss their requirements with the car moving company to determine the safest method to ship their vehicles.


Dont book your vehicle shipping until you are positive you know what your transport needs are. Initial deposits are often not refunded by the auto transport company. This is because they plan their auto carriers route based on actual demand. This means that even if you cancel, the truck that was going to pick up your car will still be routed as if your vehicle was being shipped.

Compare price lists of the car shipping companies you are considering. It never hurts to be frugal, especially during an expensive move. Saving a few dollars the following and there will make a big difference at the end of the move.

We give approximate delivery times to you at the time the truck is assigned. Those times and dates are based on where the truck was at the time of assigning. In most cases the trucks are pretty good at estimating delivery times and dates. Weather can cause scheduling problems and considering how far they are travelling they are bound to run into some storms on their way. Again, being flexible is a good thing.

Get free estimates from a few different companies so you can take some time for making comparisons. That is imperative to allow you to find the service that provides the services you are in need of and for a price that you can easily afford to pay.


Each of us is preoccupied about shipping our vehicle being shipped safely, so this job ought to be produced by a skilled auto shipping business. So if you would like your car moved from A to B all you‘ve to complete is contact an auto shipping business. It‘s each inexpensive and secure. Prior to you do that, you need to search some info concerning the business which will ship your vehicle, like how lengthy they‘ve been in company, what solutions can provide you and at what cost.