vehicle transport reviews

To make sure that the car hauler quotes you got are truly dependable and existing, it is to your advantage if you check the companies website and most probably call their customer service representative through hotline numbers they usually provide on their site. Then again, ask for car hauler quotes from transport companies that do offer free quotes with no obligation from your end to ensure that you get the best value of your dollar in auto shipping.


Reviews Of Auto Transport Companies

You will find a qualified car transport company that will meet your shipping needs. There are many car shipping companies that specialize in shipping classic cars and larger vehicles. You should know that in most cases a car transport company will not be able to ship your car straight from one location to another. A transport trailer can hold up to twelve cars at a time and your car may be carried though other drop sites before arriving at your destination.

Seek a contract clause that waives the cancellation fee if your car is not picked up by your auto transport company within the time frame that you agree upon.


When you do have to move your car, be sure to hire reliable long distance movers. Costs a little more, but safety and peace of mind is priceless.

The first thing to need to keep in mind is make sure you have a realistic expectation of how much its going to cost to ship your car, SUV or truck. There is no sense in trying to get the auto hauler to reduce his price when you know that what youre asking for is unreasonable. Furthermore, not knowing what a realistic price is to ship the vehicle could drive you to the lowest bidder, which probably isnt the best choice.

Fully understand that drivers really only ship the vehicles that pay the most. Some companies will quote you an insanely low price, because they grew tired of haggling with you. What they dont tell you is that its priced so low that your car will never get picked up by a car hauling driver. The drivers are looking to make the most money for the least work. Its not necessarily because they are greedy, but there are a lot of costs for a truck to transport your vehicle. If moving your car isnt profitable enough, they will pass it up for the next vehicle on the list.

The cost of car transport depends on many things such as the way that your vehicle will be shipped, the distance of where it will be going, and the weight of your car among other things. These are just a few factors that will determine the shipping cost of your car. Some car transport companies may deliver your vehicle in just a few days, while other car transport companies may take up to several weeks to deliver your vehicle.


Don‘t be too hasty in making your buying decision. Do your homework visit industry review web sites to check out the company‘s files. When you find the person on the telephone ask questions and pay attention to the answers remember that this person will be a broker 50% of the time, and it‘s the driver and current conditions that set the purchase price and whatever you choose to do, don‘t whip out your credit card and give the deposit to everyone that hasn‘t provided you with the drivers information.