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Ask about a clause wherein the company will cover the costs of a rental car if they do not meet the promised delivery window. After all, if a company is confident in their ability to deliver their product on time, then they should not be hesitant to cover the costs inherent in a late delivery. If they balk at including this clause, that is a red flag and you will definitely want to take that into consideration.


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As a consumer, you want to make sure that you do not lose sleep thinking about the safety of your vehicle. This is something that you would want to resolve before committing to any company. There are methods that you can follow to ensure the safety and security of the vehicle.

Be sure your tires are properly inflated and that your battery is charged. Also be sure that you only have a tank of gas to reduce the weight of the vehicle.


Remove toolboxes, add-on vehicle fittings and other accessories before the vehicle is shipped.

Wash your vehicle to make the inspection go more smoothly. This also minimizes the chance that there will be any disagreements over responsibility for any damage that may occur.

Assess the Car Transportation Vehicle - It is important to analyze the car hauler or the transportation vehicle that will be used for moving your car, because cars transported on low quality transportation vehicles can be damaged easily. If you are looking to ship a classic car or a high tech car, make sure to ship it only through an enclosed car transporter. Professional car shipping companies have various types of transporters.

f you are haveing multiple cars of the same model and looking for auto shipping quotes, you should complete the form for two of the cars and then let the auto shippers know you have more. Several auto shipping companies offer a discount if you have more than a car to ship. Auto shipping quotes are different for each type of vehicle, for instance a shipped motorcycle is inexpensive than a car and a car is cheaper than a boat. Its recommended that you check with the auto shipping quotes taken from different auto transport companies and compare them, in order to find out the best offer.


The time element is also an important factor because you need to know the length of the period that would be needed. If you are in a rush then you will have to ask the company for special services that will send your vehicle to its destination as soon as possible. This could have additional charges which you should be ready for since you asked for the special service.