how to ship a car

When you contact a shipping company you will find that they have different types of carriers available. There are some that have both open and closed carrier which can accommodate special vehicles like vintage cars and regular automobiles as well. It would be a good idea to know what type of shipment vessel the auto transport uses because this will definitely help in finding out whether they can provide the type of service you are looking for.


Enclosed Vehicle Transport

Pricing should not always be the deciding factor when choosing your auto shipper. You should make sure it is a reputable company and has sufficient experience behind it. Taking a quick look at the Better Business Bureau is a good start into looking at a companies track record, history and consumer issues and how they were handled. If it means paying slightly higher auto shipping rates to go with a company with better ratings and reviews, you will probably be more satisfied with your service then simply just going with the lowest price.

Wash your car! This may sound strange, but being able to properly assess your vehicle‘s condition is extremely important. You will clearly be able to identify chips and scratches on your automobile. These damages will be easily documented and detailed on your inspection report. By doing so, this will eliminate the possibility of questions regarding the responsibility of damages upon the delivery of your vehicle.


There can be cases where a semi transports a single vehicle, such as a vehicle wont fit on a typical trailer due to size, modifications, or other characteristics. In this case it has to be shipped on a flatbed along with whatever other cargo the driver picks up. This is one of the more expensive ways to ship but may be necessary depending in your vehicle.

Make sure that the payment terms are clearly laid out in the shipping contract. Again, any business which is not underhanded in their dealings will have financial terms laid out in their contract which are clear and easy to understand. When you look over the contract, do not be afraid to ask questions about anything you do not understand. Its, after it is explained to you, you feel that your new understanding is not adequately reflected in the written contract, ask for an addendum.

Sometimes, people don‘t give a second thought on the process of getting a car shipping company. But this is no way to handle important matters such as this. You need to be sure about the decision that you make, otherwise you won‘t be able to create savings and consequently could spend more than you had initially expected.

When you choose to have you car transported by a shipping company you will be able to enjoy a lot of advantages. If your vehicle easily uses up gas then you would be able to save a lot on the transportation expense and the depreciation of the automobile as well. You should also check the different payments methods that are available which you will be able to easily find in the quotation that is provided by the shipping firm. You should also be sure about the destination that you are going with because this will also affect the expenses that you will incur when you avail of their services.


Going directly to the source is the best way to find out exactly what kind of car shipping rates you can expect. Some car shipping companies will go above and beyond to make the car shipping process as easy as possible by providing potential customers with opportunities to fill out a FREE car shipping rate quote form right on their website. However, depending on the car shipping company, these forms are not always 100% accurate reflections of the car shipping rates that one can expect to pay when the car is actually picked up and delivered, so make sure to read any and all fine print. If youre still not sure, thats what the phone is for!