transport a car

It is important that you also avoid these mistakes because you want to make sure that you don‘t over spend or create too much costs because of being to careless with handling auto shipping New York to Florida. This can cause damages on your vehicle and it could also affect your budget for this particular kind of service.


Car Delivery Companies

You know that you had a great experience with a car shipping company when you are well taken care of by the company and their service is of high quality. You need to assess whether your satisfaction is something that the company values. This is one way for you to know that the company is serious about their business and in building relationships with their clients. There are even some who perform after sales kind of service to their clients just to make sure that they are happy with the results.

Ensure the exterior of your vehicle is clean at the time of pick up. When your vehicle is picked up, the carrier will perform an exterior condition report. In order to perform an accurate evaluation of your vehicle, it needs to be clean.


Wash and detail your vehicle. Check for any scratches or dings on your cars body. You should also check the car interior for any wear or tear on the upholstery. Make sure that everything is in a good condition. Take pictures of the exterior and interior. You can use these pictures to check your cars condition at the destination city.

Operable vehicles can be driven onto the truck. Inoperable vehicles require special equipment to pull the vehicle onto the truck. If your vehicle is inoperable you need to let the auto transport company know, so they can make sure the truck that picks up your vehicle has the proper equipment.

Some vehicles are much larger than traditional passenger vehicles. Most full size SUVs fit in to this category. Because of the extraordinary dimensions, these vehicles take up the amount of space normally used for two vehicles, thus resulting in an "oversize" fee.

Remove all accessories, loose items, and alarms and store them safely


In the past, car shipping was exclusively available only to larger firms and the military. This is because they are the ones that need to move materials around as part of their operations. Today, things are a lot more different because there has been an increase in the demand for this kind of service even for a basic consumer. This is because relocating can be done much easier if you have your car shipped to your new location as well. This is because it is not easy to cope with a new culture if everything around you is new. There is a cheaper and convenient way of doing this and it is by hiring a car shipping company.