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In Covered transportation the container shipping the motor vehicle is covered and gives additional protection to the means of transportation. While it is costly when compared with the open auto transport, it protects your automobile from the weather conditions and also from road vulnerability. Availing ramp gates will be the best choice for the long wheelbase vehicles and cranes for the automobile that are inoperable. You can notice a range of trailers like two-car non-stacking enclosed trailers, six-car enclosed trailers, and four-car enclosed trailers. For over sized cars there is an option for multi car trailers are available.


Best Car Transport Service

Car shipping is an easy one and reasonably priced, and now with innovative technologies, the safety of the car will be ensured effectively. All professional transporters know to arrange safe shipment for the car as possible. Typically enclosed one is safer than open transport.

Wash your car and do a full inspection just prior to shipping it. Make note of any blemishes, scratches or visible defects. Take a camera and take photos or video to make sure you have a complete documentation of the cars condition, just in case something goes wrong in shipping.


Try to keep your gas tank to a minimum when preparing for auto transport. This isn‘t only a weight issue. Safety is also a major concern of the transport company. Your carrier will appreciate your efforts.

Hiring a transport company that doesnt have the right license or insurance is a huge mistake that you need to avoid at all cost.

Call the Company - Calling the auto transporter is the best way to learn about their services. Although, internet search would help you find the needed details about an auto transporter, it is even better to talk to them over phone. You can in fact confirm the physical presence of an auto transporter by talking to them over phone. Before you call an auto transporter, make sure have the list of things that you need to check with them. Some of things that you can learn from an auto transporter are transportation rates, experience in the field, physical location, type of vehicles transported and much more. Most of the professional auto transporters provide all the needed details even before you ask them.

Disarm or disable any alarms, even factory installed alarms. Consult your owners manual or dealerships service department for proper method of disabling your alarm


So you have decided to move to a new place, you want your prestigious car to be transported to the new place safely. Then, go for the auto transportation companies who provide you the reliable service. It is best to use auto moving companies for the process of moving your car so that your car can be reached safely.