best auto transport companies

When you choose to have your car transported by auto shipping companies you can be sure that no matter what kind of vehicle you have it will get to the destination on time. Your car maybe a classic one, a regular vehicle or a Recreational Vehicle this really doesn‘t matter with car shipping companies. If you have these cars transported yourself not only will you worry about the wear and tear of the vehicle but you would also have to raise concerns for the time that you would have to make just to make sure that this gets done. For many people who are now living fast paced lifestyles, wasting time can mean wasting valuable money as well. It has also proven to be a more economical and comfortable approach to having your vehicles transported.


Automobile Shipping

Take photographs of the vehicle especially of any dents, scratches, or other damage that is already on the car.

All auto shipping companies should do an inspection before they pick the car up and after they deliver it. This is going to document any pre-existing conditions of your car such as dents, bumps and scratches, but it will also note the mileage and gas on the car before its loaded onto the truck and after it reaches its centralized location. Its important that YOU read this report and make sure everything is honest and correct. These reports are taken so that if anything does happen to your car, they can and will send in a payment or reimbursement for the damages done.


If youre shipping a vehicle from a warm climate to a cold climate, be sure it has a sufficient amount of antifreeze. This will protect it from the cold weather.

Upon delivery, make sure that a friend or family member is there to get your car if you cant do it yourself. The driver will ask that a Bill of Lading will be signed and the final payment be made. Signing off the Bill of Lading means you are satisfied with the service, so make sure that whoever receives the car has checked whether the car is in perfect condition.

Getting the best service out of your plan to ship your car internationally is all a matter of proper planning and knowing which of the companies to hire in the market. Although there are so many car shipping companies out there offering international car shipping on their portfolio, you still need to check on their reputation among other things before you can fully decide. You need to understand that international car shipping requires more than the basic prerequisites as you need to consider outside factors like custom laws and regulations of the destination country among others.

Give the driver written directions or notes on any operational problems or steps needed to start, stop, or drive your vehicle on and off of the trailer.


Typically, consumers may choose from closed or open carriers with door-to-door service eliminating the worry that typically goes along with vehicle relocations. For people with treasured, classic cars it may pay off to secure auto shipping on a closed carrier. Closed shipments ensure that exposure to elements is at a bare minimum. They are not susceptible to flying debris or other random hazards.