auto transporting

Vehicle security alarm system should be disabled during the transport.


Auto Transporting

Insurance should be another top priority when employing car shipping companies. You can ask the company to provide a copy of their insurance coverage to verify its validity. Check with your insurance company to confirm your coverage and what it entails. You want to make sure that your vehicle will be fully covered before and during transport. Find out if the insurance policy is primary or secondary, the deductible amount, and if the coverage is high enough to meet the replacement value of the vehicle.

Being flexible with the auto shipping dates may help you save a lot of money on auto shipping. Because some auto shipping companies may charge you high if you transport on a busy weekend or important day. Communicate with the Auto Shipper and find out the dates when the shipping cost is less. Many auto transport quotes ask you whether you are flexible on the transport date. Keep in mind if you are flexible with the auto shipping date, you can save on the cost of transportation.


Be prepared to provide origin/destination - include ZIP codes if possible.

Make sure that your car is in top condition as an integral part of any car shipping preparation. Ask a trusted mechanic to look it over carefully so that you have an independent opinion other than the inspection that the company mandates. Your car is probably going on quite a journey if you are hiring a vehicle shipping agency, so it makes sense to cover all of your bases. The last thing that you need after getting your car back from the transport company is to discover a major problem that could have been prevented with a proper tune-up.

Keep cash ready as not all truck deliverables accept payment via credit card upon delivery.

If the shipping company carries insurance protecting your car - which it absolutely should - make sure that your vehicle insurance also covers any damage which occurs during shipping. Its better safe than sorry! After all, with the shipping companies insurance policy, the only assurance that you have of it being up to date and applying to your situation at any given time is the word of the shipping company itself. With your own personal insurance, you have a greater measure of control over what is covered and what is not covered should your car be damaged during shipping. That extra peace of mind is worth it.


It is without doubt that car transportation is getting popular over the years because of people‘s necessity for relocation and transfer. Wherever great opportunities beckon, people go. In this day and age where change is truly constant, people are more open to the possibilities for transfer and relocation than previous years, seeking the services for car transportation to fulfill this particular aspect of relocation.